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Friday, August 28, 2009

World Rheumatism Year (December 19, 1977)

A deformed figure of a Rheumatic Patient is shown in black, with a healthy human figure in the background in light blue colour. On the recommendation of the International League against Rheumatism (ILAR) the World Health Organisation have nominated 1977 as the World Rheumatism Year. The objective of the year is to promote a comprehensive concern for the whole individual and for the physical, psychological and social impact of rheumatic diseases by involving all professional, health and welfare agencies and the community at large in the following specific aims:—
(i)To promote increased knowledge, understanding and concern for the nature and scope of rheumatic diseases;
(ii) to stimulate improvement in the availability and quality of treatment and care offered to rheumatic sufferers
(iii) to promote research activities in the field with a view to improving the standard of treatment and care.
Rheumatic diseases cause untold pain and suffering to countless individuals in all parts of the world and are rated as the biggest single cause of all physical disability and give rise to big problems for the societies in which these individuals live. Factory doctors everywhere know too well how much absenteeism results from back troubles and soft tissue rheumatism. There is widespread feeling that all this suffering is neglected and not all is done that could be done.
As part of public campaign to increase grass root awareness of the importance of rheumatic diseases, Pakistan Post Office is issuing a special stamp of 65 Paisa denomination on 19-12-1977.