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Friday, August 28, 2009

World Health Day (April 7, 1976)

The format of the stamp is horizontal. In a big rectangle at the right hand side of the stamp is shown a human eye appearing through a multi-colour screen of reverse and solid dots, emphasizing the importance of the eye on the one hand and drawing a contrast between colourful vision and total darkness due to blindness on the other. The slogan “Preven-tion of Blindness” appears in bold letters underneath the rectangle in red colour. In the white panel at the left side of the rectan-gle appears the word ‘Pakistan’ in English and Urdu at the top in blue colour. The W.H.O. emblem appears in the centre of the panel in green, yellow and black colour, while the denomination ‘20P’ appears at the bottom in black with the word ‘Postage’ underneath in blue colour.
The United Nations has declared April 7, 1976 as the day devoted to the “Prevention of Blindness” Eye sight is the choicest gift of God and an invaluable blessing. Every effort, therefore, must be made to protect this gift and to ensure its continued utility to the maximum and for the longest possi-ble period. This day should be observed by bringing home to the people how best the above objective can be achieved. Pakistan Post Office is bringing out a special stamp of 20-Paisa on this day to highlight the importance of the eye and the need to protect it.
Some simple rules which, when followed regularly, will ensure the well-being of the eye-sight are mentioned below:
1) Never read in dim light.
2) While reading, a distance between the reading matter and eyes should be at least 14 inches.
3) Avoid reading in dazzling light or with sunshine on the books.
4) Arrange testing of eye-sight at regular intervals.
5) Avoid reading in running trains or vehicles as the shaking affects the eyesight.
6) Wash the eyes with cold water every morning and evening.
7) Personal cleanliness helps prevent eye diseases.
8) Do not use some-body else’s towels and handkerchiefs.
9) Do not put any medicine in the eyes unless it is prescribed by some qualified doctor.
10) Use spectacles when advised by a qualified doctor.
11) There is hereditary blindness also. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a Specialist before marriage is arranged.
12) A good diet helps in preventing eye diseases particularly when it contains sufficient Vitamin ‘A’.
13) Never look at the sun with naked eyes.
With the built-in mechanism for safety and protection, and the observance of the above rules, the gift of eye-sight can be enjoyed uninterrupted except on rare occa-sions. There are normally some danger It is the duty of every Pakistani to donate eyes after death so that blindness due to corneal opacity may be eliminated in this country. Let every Pakistani resolve on this day of “Prevention of Blindness” to donate eyes after death as a service to humanity.