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Monday, August 31, 2009

Wildlife- Butterflies (February 15, 1983)

The ninth set in the series of Wildlife, which are being issued by the Pakistan Post Office to focus attention on the need to preserve Wildlife in the country, will be released on 15th February, 1983. The set consists of 4 stamps of the denomination of 40 paisa, 50 paisa, 60 paisa and Rs. 1.50, depicting four rare varieties of Butterflies, namely (i) Papilio Polyctor (ii) Polydorus aris-tolchiae (iii) Danaus-Chrysippus and (iv) Papilio demoleus. Earlier issues on Wild-life included a set of two stamps each on (i) Black Partridge (30—9—1975), (ii) Urial (31—7—1975) (iii) Peacock (31—3—1976) (iv) Ibex (12—7—1976) (v) Pheasants (17—6—1979) (vi) Green Turtle (20—6—81) (vii) Western Tragopan (15—9-1981) and (viii) The Blind lndus Dolphin (Platanista mdi) (24—4—1982)
1. PAP 1110 POLYCTOR (The Common Peacock).
This butterfly, found in the N.W.F.P., is characterized by its forewings with a golden-green outer discal band and hind wings with a blue outer discal band, yellow marginal crescents and red-eye spot on the inner margin. The hind wing posteriolaterally extends into a “tail”. 2. POLYODRUS ARISTOLOCHIAE (The Common Rose).
It is one of the commonest butterflies found in the plains and hills all over Sind and the Punjab. The hind wings both in male and female have long “tails” usually with five elongated yellowish spots and marginal series of red crescents. The fore wings possess prominent yellow marginal streaks. The over-all colour of this butterfly is black, if seen from above. 3. DANAUS CHRYSIPPUS (The Plain Tiger).
It is the commonest butterfly found in every type of habitat throughout Pakistan. Fore and hind wings are orange-brown with black margins containing white spots.
4. PAPILIO DEMOLEUS (The Lemon Butterfly)
It is found in the Punjab, Sind and Baluchistan and often seen in the neighbourhood of Citrus Plantations because its larvae feed on citrus leaves. It is a large butterfly with black background of wings and yellow spots. There is a definite red-eye spot on the inner margin of hind wings.