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Monday, August 31, 2009

Trekking in Pakistan (April 28, 1983)

Pakistan with her rich cultural heritage, attractive tourist spots from lofty mountains to lush green valleys fertile plains to golden deserts and lively bazaars, to silvery beaches, offers ideal environs to those who love adventure and natural beauty and seek recreational pursuits.
For those who seek adventure there is an imaginary centre of the fold mountains known as the Pamjr-Knot’ which lies partly in four countries-Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia and China. From the Pamir-Knot radiate the Himalayas, the Karakoram, the Suleiman Range and the Hindukush. The Karakoram, running eastward from the Pamir-Knot and almost parallel with the Punjab Himalaya is a vast complex of high mountains in the trans-Himalayas. The Karakoram has above one hundred peaks containing the World’s greatest glaciers.
The Suleiman Range runs South—West from the ‘Pamir—Knot’ and separates Pakistan from Afghanis-tan and the Indus Valley from Baluchistan. The Hindukush runs west from Pamir-Knot. The accessibility of the area, freedom from monsoons and medium height of most of the peaks makes it an excellent area for small trekking parties. Tirich-Mir, called Queen of Chitral, is also frequently visited by trekking parties.
For less arduous outings one can go trekking and hiking, or even on long drives in the enchanting valleys like Swat and Kalam, Ushu and Utrot and a more thrilling Journey in Kaghan over a narrow winding road running dangerously close to rushing torrents and to lakes on the top of the mountains.
Pakistan has much to offer to those living in the cold climates of Europe and the North who are used to mechanized life and grey skies. Our bright winters and the quiet of the valleys of Chitral, Swat and Kaghan are un spoilt by the march of the modern age and industry. Pakistan has about 58 world-renowned areas of trekking which attract trekkers from all over the world. Some of the most important areas are as under —Islamabad—Gilgit—Jaglot-Hanochal, Sassi-Dache Iskara Mani Glacier—Baskai Glacier Foot of Laila Peak (6218 m) Foot of Malubating Peak (7452m) Phuparash Glacier and back by the same route.
Islamabad—Chitral—-Maroi Not-Barum-South Barum Glacier North Barum Glacier Foot of Tirichmir Peak (7708m) and back by the same route.
Islamabad—Skardu—Khaplu Machlu Haldi Sino Thang—Lasht—Summr Pasture-Base Camp K—6 and return by the same route.
Islamabad—Saidu Sharif Malam Maltiltan Baloga Meadow Briochwood Kachi Kani Pass Bashgar Gol-Lespure Shandur Pass Tow Phundor Gilgit Naltar Hunza Gilgit lslamabad. Rawalpindi—Gilgit Riakot Bridge Tato Village Fairy Meadows Base Camp of Naga Parbat and return by the same route.
Rawalpindi SkarduVisit Satpara Lake,Return to Skardu Daghoni Tails Kandas Hushe.Wackok Frozen lake Masher brum base camp Frozen lake Wackok Hushe Kandae Talis. Daghoni Skardu Rawalpindi. lslamabad Peshawar chitral lstaro Shah Gram Uzhnu Phugrom Shah Jineli Village lshpro Shost Lesht—Dobar Gar Gasin Brep Mastuj Chitral Peshawar Islamabad.
Pakistan Post Office is issuing a special Postage stamp of Re. 1/- denomination on “Trekking in Pakistan” on 28 April, 1983.