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Friday, August 28, 2009

South Asia Tourism Year 1975 (January 15, 1975)

Stamp is vertical in format. Against a colourful background of blue, indigo, purple, red and orange appears the South Asia Tourism Year motif at the upper portion of the stamp. The variation of colour from a cool one (blue) to warm (red) represents not only the various climates but also the rich cultural variety of the South Asia. The petals of Sun-Flower of the motif is dark yellow while the figure \'75\' indicating the year is dark mauve colour. The caption \'South Asia Tourism Year\' is placed at the top in black while the slogan \'South Asia Invites you\' appears in green colour below the motif. \'Pakistan\' in Urdu and English together appear in the lower right corner while denomination \'Rs. 2.25\' with the word \'postage\' appear in the lower left corner, also in black.
The Pakistan Post Office Department is issuing Rs. 2.25 denomination stamp to commemorate the South Asian Tourism Year on 15th January 1975.
At the XXIII General Assembly Session of the International Union of Officials Travelling Organisation (IUOTO) held at Caracas in October,. 1973, the South Asia Regional Commission SARTC) sponsored a resolution to celebrate South Asia Tourism Year 1975.
The General Assembly of IUOTO acknowledging importance of celebrating the South Asia Tourism Year, (SATY) adopted the resolution and, decided as follows:
(1) To give all material support and assistance necessary for the celebration of South Asia Tourism Year.
(2) To take necessary steps to obtain the participation of as many as possible of national and international organisations, public and private interested in tourism development.
(3) To urge, the Chairman of Regiona1 Commission to make all out efforts
within their own areas to ensure the success of South Asia Tourism Year.
Previously the United Nations General Assembly had designated 1967 as International Tourism Year and IUOTO had nominated 1969 as African Tourism Year and 1972 as Tourism Year of the Americas.
The primary object of celebrating the tourism Year is to create understanding, good-will and friendship through direct contact amongst the nations of the world. It is only through tolerance and respect of the points of view of others that an era of peaceful co-existence can be established in the world. The tourism thus helps in broadening ones out-look and perspective and affords opportunity to understand an4 appreciate problems that confront other nations. The celebration of tourism year is thus a crusade against ignorance and is a means of sympathetic understanding of human problems.
The main object of celebrating South Asia Tourism Year is to focus international attention on this Region and to create an interest to visit the South Asia. With this end in view it has been recommended to relax visa and custom formalities in member countries for the duration of the South Asia Tourism Year. It has also been decided to request Airlines, Hotels and Travelling Agencies to give rebates and discounts to tourists travelling during the year in this region.
Apart from bringing different nations of the world closer the economic benefits of tourism are abundant and obvious. The tourism has now become a very lucrative industry in all countries of the world and is a great source of foreign exchange earnings. In fact the economy of so many countries depend upon the spending of the tourists visiting those countries.
The tourists spending rose to well-over 13 crores in Pakistan in 1970 as against 11.77 crores in 1966. It is estimated that foreign exchange earnings would be well over 56 crores by 1985 through tourists I visiting Pakistan.
Pakistan has a lot to offer to tourists for sightseeing, relaxation and adding to their knowledge.
There are the archaeological remains of the oldest known civilization of the world at Moenjodaro and Taxila-such spots of tourist attraction as Swat and valley of Kaghan, which excel in scenic beauty. Then there are the buildings of historical interest such as Badshahi Mosque, Shalimar Bagh the Fort at Lahore and Shahjahan Mosque at Thatta.
The National Government is making all possible efforts to provide facilities and comfort to the tourists. With this end in view rest-houses have been built at tourist spots and arrangements have been made of buses at reasonable rates to bring tourists to these places. Pakistan as founder member of 109 Nations, International Union of Travelling Officials Organisation (IUOTO) as well as a member of its Regional Commission for South Asia (SARTC) comprising 8 countries viz. India, Nepal, Bangla Desh, Iran, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and outer Mongolia has been participating in the celebration of South Asia Tourism Year-75. The slogan being \'South Asia invites you.