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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pakistan World Cup Hockey Champions 1994

The idea of the World Cup was conceived by the Pakistan Hockey Federation sometime in the late 1 960s and the beautiful trophy for the winner was designed and donated by Pakistan.
At FIH Council meeting held on October 26, 1969, it was decided to hold a World Cup Competition. The first World Hockey Cup tournament was held in 1971 in Barcelona, Spain. His Excellency the then Ambassador of Pakistan in Belgium handed over the World Cup to the FIH President on March 27,1971.
The 8th World Hockey Cup was organised by the Australian Hockey Federation on behalf of the International Hockey Federation (FIH). Australia had the honour of holding the World Championship in a most befitting manner.
Hockey is national game of Pakistan and hundreds of thousands of hockey fans from Pakistan witnessed the World Cup Champion-ship Hockey Tournament at Sydney (Australia).
The 8th World Hockey Cup was the most prestigious Hockey Tournament. Twelve (12) teams selected by the Fl H on the basis of their ranking, participated. The teams were divided into two pools. Pool \'A\' consisted of Pakistan, Spain, Argentina, England, Austra-lia, USSR (Bela Rus), Pool \'B\' comprised of West Germany, South Korea, Belgium, South Africa, India, Holland.
The matches on the two pitches were played on league basis. The winners of Pool \'A\' played against runners up of Pool \'B\' and winners of Pool \'B\' played against runners up of Pool \'A\' for the semi finals. The winners of Pool \'A\' & \'B\' contested for championship and Pakistan beat Holland on Penalty Strokes by 4 goals to 3 as they were 1-1 at the close of scheduled time.
Pakistan has the distinction of winning World Hockey Cup in 1971 (Barcelona - Spain), 1978 (Buenos Aires - Argentina), 1982 (Bombay- India) and Silver Medal in 1975 (Kuala Lumpur).
These achievements are as yet unparalleled. Pakistan was during the past few years facing bad patch in international competitions but now faced the coveted World Hockey Cup Competition with confidence and won World Cup gold medal. The statistical record of the World Hockey Cup since its inception is as follows:
Venue Victory Stand Year Place Country No of Teams Winner Runners Up 3rd Position 1971 Barcelona Spain 10 Pakistan Spain India 1973 Amsterdam Holland 12 Holland India W. Germany 1975 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 12 India Pakistan W. Germany 1978 Buenos Aires Argentina 12 Pakistan Holland Australia 1982 Bombay India 12 Pakistan W. Germany Australia 1986 London G. Britain 12 Australia England W. Germany 1990 Lahore Pakistan 12 Holland Pakistan W. Germany 1994 Sydney Australia 12 Pakistan Holland Australia
Mr. Bashir Moojid the designer and artisan from the Pakistan\'s Army\'s Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers had designed and shaped the World Cup Trophy as per the idea of the then PHF President. The World Cup is a magnificent trophy, 65 centimeters high and 11.56 kilograms in weight, made from gold (895 grams), silver (6815 grams), ivory (350 grams) and teak wood (3500 grams). The trophy stands mounted on a 12 cm high blade base beautifully inlaid with ivory. The trophy itself consists of globe depicting the world in silver and gold, on top of which is a ball and hockey stick with gold and silver.
The insignia of World Cup Trophy has one stick at the top with a hockey ball and the bottom of a round circle indicating the world. Pakistan Hockey Federation insignia has been placed in the middle of the World Cup. Colour scheme indicates green and white colours of Pakistan flag.
To commemorate the occasion Pakistan Post is issuing a stamp of Rs. 5/- denomination on December 31, 1994.