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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over 80 Years of Women\'s Education Kinnaird College For Women, Lahore - Established 1913

In these simple but inspiring words lies the quintessence of Kinnaird, the oldest and most distinguished women\'s college of Pakistan. Kinnaird, is an institution of learning where a unique blend of education and values has continued to flourish for well over eighty years. Kinnaird\'s beginnings were humble and simple. In its early years, at the start of the present century it was housed near the Kinnaird High School, Lahore. Here, Intermediate classes began in 1913 followed by B.A. classes four years later. But even at that early stage Kinnaird sensed that it needed more room to grow and so the college moved to Lake Road in 1926. In a few years Kinnaird moved again. In 1933 land was acquired near Lahore\'s famous canal and new buildings were constructed to house the streaming number of girls who flocked to this institution. By 1939, the 20 acre campus was humming with activity. In 1972 Kinnaird was nationalized. Since then it has been run by Dr. Mira Phailbus who has succeeded in maintaining Kinnaird \'s traditions and in expanding the facilities and educational options for its students. Today, Kinnaird ranks as the country\'s premier institution where over 1800 students are enrolled. Kinnaird is affiliated with the University of the Punjab and the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education. It also conducts classes leading to a Masters Degree in English Literature and an English Teaching Diploma for graduation.
Kinnaird has always been an institution of special significance. It is more than a college, a community enriched by the spirit of inquiry that it kindles in students and a dedication to the higher values of education and culture that is reflected in almost 100 teachers who comprise its staff. Young students at Kinnaird are taught to acquire knowledge not merely for itself but to explore every avenue so that their personalities can bloom fully. The teachers thus encourage a spirit of inquiry, research and participation in their students. Above all, students who enter Kinnaird can conquer the challenges of the 21st century. Kinnaird makes this transition possible because it produces women who are individuals in their own right, who quickly begin to display intelligence, competence, flexibility, maturity and a sense of responsibility, both to their academic pursuits as well as to their overall personality development. The graduates of Kinnaird continue to make a major contribution to the civic life of Pakistan and to the many communities abroad where they tend to excel by virtue of special grounding at Kinnaird.
In the face of declining educational and discipline standards that have unfortunately characterized our country, the responsibility of continuing to maintain standards of excellence as follow on Kinnaird, but it has met this challenge with custom-ary meal and spirit. Its academic records have continued to soar higher and higher, but perhaps more than that, it has maintained ethical standards that it set for itself many years ago. Today with the world on the threshold of a new age and a new century, Kinnaird can take stock of its great past, vibrant present and a bold future for the women of Pakistan without whose education and participation, Pakistan cannot flourish. Each new generation of students that walks through its gates is expected to memories and practice the college oath.
\"I pledge to live up to the trust placed in me; to willingly and conscientiously fulfill my responsibilities; to work with integrity and loyalty; to be rather than to seem” To commemorate the occasion Pakistan Post is issuing a stamp of Rs. 1.25 on November 3,1995.