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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

National Water Sports Gala Karachi-95

Pakistan has nature\'s abundant gift of rich sea shores and profuse rivers stretching from the valleys of Attock to the plains of Sindh. There is evidence that riverine communication was once a popular activity in this region in the early days of Indus civilization dating back to 5000 BC. However, since Independence, owing to lack of awareness, water sports have remained obscure in Pakistan.
The riverine culture along the Indus is rich and unique, but unfortunately, hardly noticeable by virtue of its remote existence. The Mancher Lake, for instance, provides abode to more than one lac inhabitants who live on boats still carrying the traditions and customs of the fishermen of the earliest known civilization. Pressing need was therefore always felt to organise an event to identify the importance of developing water sports and preserving riverine culture in the country.
The basic purpose of holding this Gala is to promote water sports and give countrywide exposure to marine and riverine culture of various regions. The diversified exhibitions during the Gala would not only provide public entertainment, but will also identify the inconspicuous potential of modern water sport in Pakistan.
The Gala will be held from 14 to 16December95 at the Marina Club, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, under the auspices of the Pakistan Navy.
A Sea Food Festival will also be organised for the duration of the Gala. Traditional seafood vendors will be invited for displaying the preparation, cooking and serving of exotic sea foods and authentic cuisine of various regions.
(Contributed by the Pakistan Navy)
To commemorate the occasion Pakistan Post is issuing a set of four commemorative postage stamps of Rs. 1. 25 value each on December 14,1995.