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Monday, August 31, 2009

Los Angeles Olympics 1984 (July 31, 1984)

Olympic Games are traditionally believed to have been first celebrated in 776 BC at Olympia in Greece. Thereafter, Olympics were a regular 4 yearly event till about 393 AD.
After their revival through the efforts of the French scholar and educator Pierre de Coubertin, the games of the first Olympiad of the modern cycle were held in Athens in 1896. Sub-sequent games were held at four years intervals in different cities of the world except during the war.
At first, the Olympic programme was confined to one day and consisted only of a single event - a race, the length of the stadium. Afterwards, additional races and other events were added and the duration was also extended. Olympic Games are now held for 16 days and include: Athletics, Gymnastics, Boxing, Fencing, Shooting, Wrestling, Rowing, Swimming, Equestrian, Pentathlon, Cycling, Weight lifting, Yachting. The following sports are optional Football, Rugby, Polo, Water Polo, Grass Hockey, Handball, Basketball, Canoeing and Gliding. Only sports practised in at least ten countries (6 of which must enter) may be included. The contestants in the Olympic Games must be amateurs.
The 1984 Olympic Games will include 220 events for men and women. At least, 16 new events are being included and there is likelihood of the addition of two events for handicapped competitors.
Pakistan is participating in the following games of 1984 Olympics:- Hockey, Wrestling, Yachting, Boxing and Athletics.
To commemorate the 1984 Olympics being held in Los Angeles from July 28 to August 12 Pakistan Post Office is issuing a set of 5 stamps each of Rs. 3/- value on July 31, 1984.