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Saturday, August 15, 2009

International Year Of Shelter For The Homeless - 1987. (1987-11)

Shelter is a basic human need. Each of us, in our own way, is attempting to tackle the formidable problems of shelter in the Third World. The problem of housing is a global problem, and the international community, regardless of political and other differences are almost unanimous in its acceptance. In fact the declaration of year 1987 as the inter-national year of shelter for the homeless, through United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 37/221 can be referred to as a beacon of hope for the under-privileged.
We are now passing through the year 1987 and like all other nations of the world are mobilizing our resources in order to participate in the action programmes which are a major segment of the objectives of the IYSH. Extensive consultations and the formulation of strategies have taken place. Considerable investment in time, effort and materials is being expended so that the desired results could be achieved.
The Government is fully seized of the situation and the improvement of the quality of life of human beings is the first and the most important objective of its socio-economic policy and programme. Recognizing that the objectives can be only realized if relief is given to the shelterless by resting our feet where live the poorest, a coordinated long term approach has been adopted so as to ensure a happy future of so substantial a part of humanity which is at stake.
The approach of the IYSH given us an opportunity to focus our activities on the programmes. This is one of the noblest contributions that we can make to human society and its well being. There is no denying the fact that if all of us can establish a commonality on this area, we can use it to build towards an era in which peace will predominate and development will replace destruction. This is moral crusade for our time.
It is in this spirit of universality that when integrated activities to provide shelter to the shelterless are being pursued by the Government through Five Points socio-economic programme of the Prime Minister, it has been felt appropriate to issue a commemorative postage stamp on IYSH as a part of its activities. This effort would not only create as awareness of the problem but also testify the collective commitment to provide adequate shelter to the shelterless every-where on this planet.
Contributed by Environment and Urban Affairs Division
To commemorate International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, Pakistan Post Office is issuing a stamp of Rs. 3/. denomination of December 15, 1987.