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Monday, August 31, 2009

International Year of Disabled Persons- 1981 (December 12, 1981)

The United Nations General Assembly declared year 1981 as the International Year of the disabled persons. The aim was to encourage the rehabilitation of about 500 million persons in the world who suffer from some form of physical or mental disability. Out of these about 228 million disabled persons belong to Asia and the Pacific Region.
The following five principal objectives set forth by the United Nations Assembly resolution are the guide lines in the full participation of the disabled persons in the society.
a) Helping disabled persons in their physical and psychological adjustment to society;
b) Promoting all national and international efforts to provide disabled persons with proper assistance, training, care and guidance, to make available opportunities for suitable work and to ensure their full integration in society;
c) Encouraging study and research projects designed to facilitate the practical participation of disabled persons in daily life, for example, by improving their access to public buildings and transportation systems;
d) Educating and informing the public of the rights of disabled persons to participate in and contribute to various aspects of economic, social and political life;
e) Promoting effective measures for the prevention of disability and for the rehabilitation of disabled persons.
Several concrete steps have already been taken by the governments of the developing world to eliminate any discriminatory practices in education and employment of the disabled, review of service and benefits and to promote integration of the disabled persons in the society. However, it is also essential that private organizations should come forward to help the rehabilitation of the disable persons and make positive contributions in this noble cause. Pakistan Post Office is issuing a set of two commemorative postage stamps of the denominations of 40 Paisa and Rs. 2/- on the 12th December 1981, in order to increase an awareness of the problems of the disabled persons.