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Monday, August 31, 2009

Indonesia Pakistan Economic and Cultural Cooperation Organization (IPECC) 1968-1983 (August 19, 1983)

The Indonesia-Pakistan Economic and Cultural Co-operation Organization (IPECC) is a bilateral arrangement between the two countries which aims at-promoting closer economic, technical & cultural co-operation and welfare of the people of Indonesia and Pakistan. The decision to form this Organization was taken in September 1964 by the Heads of States of the Republic of Indonesia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and it came into being on August 19, 1968. To highlight close ties between the two countries the Postal Administrations of Indonesia & Pakistan decided to issue commemorative stamps on regular basis. Accordingly a set of two stamps in the series of IPECC commemorative stamps is being issued on 19th August, 1983 to focus attention on the co-operation between Indonesia & Pakistan. The theme selected for the stamps is “Traditional Weaving Handicrafts” of the two countries.
Earlier, the Postal Administration of Indonesia issued a stamp on 19th August, 1977, depicting “Traditional Male Costume of Jakarta Region” and the Postal Administration of Pakistan issued a stamp on 5th February, 1978 depicting “Traditional Costume (Female) of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Region”.