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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Government Islamia College Lahore - Centenary Celebrations (1892-1992) November 1, 1992

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan\'s enthusiasm to improve the living conditions of the down cast Muslim Community of the Sub-continent, remained high and fervent even after the establishment of a College, because he could fore-see that Aligarh Institution was not strong enough to cater to the needs ot the Muslim community of British India. He believed that it was extremely necessary that the Muslims of India should be provided with a plat-from where they could assemble and evolve a common ground of understanding and line of action. In order to accomplish his goals, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan under-took extensive tours of the country and it was quite encouraging and inspiring that his movement received a tremendous, favourable response in the Punjab.
Inspired by the pioneering work done by Sir Syed, people who favoured and supported his philosophy and ambitious plans resolved to embark upon founding an organization that was named Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-Islam. Prominent among the founders of the Anjuman were Khalifa Hamid-ud-Din, Haji Mir Shams-ud-Din, Haji Mian Karim Bakhsh and Dr. Muhammad Din Nazir, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan participated in one of the meetings of the Anjuman. In his address, he said \"If Aligarh is my right eye, Lahore is my left eye, it Aligarh is my left hand, Lahore is my right hand\" This statement of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan provided an impetus to the stalwarts of the Anjuman and its supporters and the result was that in 1891, the General Council of the Anjuman adopted a resolution for the establishment of a College in Lahore.
In the year 1892, Islamia College Lahore was housed in a modest, two - room, portion of Islamia High School Sheranwala Gate, Lahore. One room was reserved for the first year class and the other was jointly shared by the Principal, the teaching staff and the College Clerk.
The Cardinal aim and object of this academic exercise was to facilitate the sons of poor Muslim parents to have access to the oriental as well as western education. The College remained to Intermediate Classes for approximately eight years.
In the year 1900, the College was upgraded and the Degree classes were introduced. In 1904 the College was shifted to a private building ultimately culminated in the creation of the state Pakistan.
In 1941 the first Pakistan Conference was held in Islamia College under the auspices of the Muslim Students Federation and the most salient feature of this conference was the memorable fact that the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah performed the opening ceremony. It was at this conference that the Lahore Resolution was renamed the Pakistan Resolution. In 1943, a branch of the Muslim Students Federation started functioning in Islamia College. The first president of the Federation was Mr. Amanullah Khan Niazi. The new president Mr. Aftab Qureshi held a meeting in the College and the students were sent to the rural areas with a view to popularizing the Muslim League among the masses. In March 1947, when there were wide spread communal riots and disturbances in India, Islamia College Lahore was declared to be the centre for relief work. The services rendered by the students of this College during those crisis-ridden days were unique, exemplary and momentous.
(Contributed by: Principal, Government Islamia College, Lahore)
To commemorate the occasion Pakistan Post is issuing a stamp of Rs. 3/- denomination on November 1, 1992.