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Friday, August 21, 2009

Fight Against Cancer November 12, 1979

As part of a campaign to create awareness among the people about mankind’s formidable foe-the Cancer,’ Pakistan Post Office is issuing a special postage stamp of Paisa 40 denomination on November 12, 1979. A postage stamp of 1 5 paisa denomination was also issued on December 26.1967 on this theme.
Cancer is a quiet killer. Its victims are both men and animals. It can afflict any organ or tissue of the body and it is known for its abnormal and apparently unrestricted growth of body cells which form themselves in the shape of tumors that attack and destroy nearby tissue. Some of these tumors grow slowly and some rapidly. It is a disease which is not restricted to any race or climate.
Researches have been going on for several decades to gain insight into the cause of the several kinds of cancer, which could eventually lead to cure. The momentum of these researches has increased appreci-ably during the recent past. It has been a relentless effort engaging some of the world’s leading brains and huge sums of money are being spent to keep. the good work going.
Much of this research work has been benefiting mankind from the better knowledge and techniques acquired in the fight against cancer. An increasing number of patients suffering from cancer and other malignant diseases are being treated at Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission’s (PAEC) five Nuclear Medical Centres in the country at Karachi. Jamshoro, Multan, Lahore and Peshawar. A sixth one completed at Larkana will be function-ing shortly. In the absence of any definite cure, the. only alternative to control and prevent cancer is “caution and prevention”. The following seven steps to health are suggested by specialists for the prevention and early detection of cancer.
1. Have a regular medical and dental check up.
2. Watch for any change in your normal state of health.
3. Find out about any lump or sore that does not heal.
4. Protect yourself against too much sunlight.
5. Do not smoke.
6. Have a pap test.
7. Do a monthly breast self-examination.
Cancer Association of Pakistan has also recently been established under the aegis of Hamdard National Foundation, Pakistan to create greater awareness about cancer and is doing appreciable work in this respect.