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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ecophilex 86. (19876-12)

Pakistan Post Office is holding the first Economic Cooperation Organization Philatelic Exhibition to be known as \"ECOPHILEX 86\" from 20 December to 24 December, 1986 in the Jamil Nishter Auditorium of the Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan at Islamabad. This Exhibition shall be inaugurated by Mr. Mohammad Khan Junejo, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
More than 2600 exhibits from the ECO member countries i.e. Iran, Turkey and Pakistan shall be displayed which consist of more than 20,000 stamps, First Day Covers and items of postal history and stationery which include valuable and historic collections of eminent philatelists from Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.
Exhibits are classified into two categories namely \"NON- COMPETITIVE\" and \"COMPETITIVE\". \"NON-COMPETITIVE\" is by invitation only and has the following groups:-
i) Court of Honour
ii) Official Class
iii) Jury Class
iv) Other Collections invited by the Organizing Committee.
The Official Group includes exhibits from the:
a) Postal Administrations of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan.
b) Postal Museums of the ECO Member Countries.
c) Security Printers of the ECO Member Countries.
The following different events are being celebrated on each day of the exhibition:-
21 December, ECO DAY
22 December, YOUTH DAY
23 December, STAMP TRADE DAY
24 December, AWARDS DAY
Five different postmarks as reproduced above, will be used within the Exhibition Hall to celebrate each day of the exhibition.
Gold, Silver and Bronze medals and certificates shall be awarded in each group of \'COMPETITIVE\' category on the basis of the decision by the panel of jury appointed for this purpose. Special prizes/medals have also been placed at the disposal of the jury to be awarded to the exhibits meriting special recognition. Special Medallions/Souvenir shields shall also be presented to invitees in the \'NON-COMPETITIVE\' category.
A number of special issues are being brought out on the 20th December to commemorate the \'ECOPHILEX 86\' which include, apart from commemorative stamps, First Day Covers and Leaflets, special (pocket size) calendars for the year 1987 containing reproduction of stamps on different subjects/themes with the \'ECOPHILEX 86\' emblem, and an up to date official Pakistan postage stamps catalogue. (This is in addition to the Souvenir Pakistan postage stamps catalogues being brought out by a few eminent philatelists of Pakistan on \"ECOPHILEX 86\") and a booklet containing glossary of philatelic terms and abbreviations. Some quantity of the existing 80 Paisa envelopes has also been printed with the emblem of \'ECOPHILEX 86\' for sale through the Post Offices and Philatelic Bureaus of the country. Besides, an attractive Brochure on ECOPHILEX 86 containing highly informative articles on philately and Souvenir Postcards have also been released on the occasion with the courtesy and compliments of the ADBP.
To commemorate \'ECOPHILEX 86\' Pakistan Post Office is issuing on December 20, 1 986 a set of 3 commemorative postage stamps in se-tenant depicting Selimiye Mosque at Edirne in Turkey, Mosque of Gawhar Shad at Mashed in Iran and Grand Mosque at Bhong (Rahimyar Khan) in Pakistan.
(This Grand Mosque has recently won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture). Each stamp values Rs. 3/-.