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Saturday, August 15, 2009

800th Birth Anniversary Of Baba Farid. (1989-14)

Farid-ud-Din Masud, commonly known as Baba Farid Ganj Shaker was born in the twelfth Century AD at Khotwal near Multan. His grand-father Qazi Shoaib had migrated from Kabul during the early period of 12th Century.
Baba Farid’s first teacher, whose influence was most lasting, was his mother Qursum Bibi, a lady of fervent piety. Then he joined the Madrassa of Maulana Minhaj-ud-Din where he met Khawaja Bakhtiar Kaki, the renowned disciple of Khawaja Syed Moin-ud-Din Chishty. They were contemporaries of Sheikh Baha-ud-Din Zakriya. It is also reported that Baba Farid received higher education in Qandhar.
Baba Farid after completing his education joined Khawaja Bakhtiar Kaki as his disciple. Few saints in the long chequered history of Indo-Muslim mysticism have subjected their physical self to such rigorous spiritual disciple as Baba Farid. His life of 95 years is an illustration of the way in which a devotee struggles to shatter human limitations and liberates himself in order to live and lead his life for his Lord.
This mystic belief in God had a value in terms of human life. It made him a citizen of that universal society in which God is the Supreme Intelligence and all human beings, His manifestation.
Baba Farid’s place in the history of Chishty School of Islam and in the socio-political annals of Asia is unique. He was the first poet of commitment in this region who struggled against poverty, misery, exploitation and the degradation of human beings.
Once he was offered a pair of scissors which he returned with the remarks that his mission lies in joining and stitching and not tearing or cutting.
He had the distinction of establishing an educational Institution at Ajodhan, now Pakpattan, where he trained a long chain of scholars like Hazrat Nizam-ud-Din Auliya, Ali Sabir of Kaliar Sharif and Syed Badar- His abiding influence on literature, various movements in the Sub-continent and mysticism is widely acknowledged.
His poetry and message had a direct appeal and was couched in such a celestial tone that Guru Nanak Sahib incorporated these verses in Guru Guranth Sahib which is now an article of faith for the devotees of Baba Nanak Sahib.
Contributed by Chairman, Baba Farid International Conference 1989.
To commemorate this august occasion Pakistan Post Office is issuing one commemorative postage stamp of Rs 3 denomination on October 20, 1989.