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Thursday, August 20, 2009

300th Death Anniversary of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo - 1991 December 22,1991

Sultan-ul-Arifeen, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo is one of the most outstanding Saints of the sub-continent. Belonging to Qadri order, his teachings have served as beacon of light and guidance to the millions of his devotees in the country and abroad who flock to pay their homage at his Shrine, located at Hazrat Sultan Bahoo, District Jhang.
Hazrat Sultan Bahoo was born at Shorkot, District Jhang in the year 1039 Hijra which corresponds to the reign of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He belongs to the respected tribe of Awans who trace their ancestry to one of the Sons of the fourth Caliph, Hazrat Au (RA). Awans migrated to the sub-continent and settled down primarily in the hilly terrain which now constitutes the districts of Khushab and Chakwal. His father, Sultan Muhammad Bazid, who held an important office in the Mughal Administration, moved over to Shorkot, Distt. Jhang. His mother, Bibi Raasti, was a very pious and noble lady who was highly respected and revered.
Being fully aware of the inherent potential of her son, she named him as Bahoo, Hoo\" means God and literally the name means \"close to God\'. Even as child, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo had charismatic personality that melted the hearts of many people who readily embraced Islam. His mother had lasting influence on him. The mother advised him to travel to seek the Truth and search for the guidance, blessing and love of Allah.
Hazrat Sultan Bahoo traveled for a number of years to spread the message of submission to Allah in the far away lands, mountains and deserts, staying away from the royal court. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo is the author of about 140 precious books in Persian language, some of which have been translated in Urdu. Sultan Bahoo Academy has undertaken to translate the work of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo in Urdu so that his message of peace and love is spread throughout the country and beyond. In addition, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo has left for us a number of beautiful poetic compositions, commonly known as \"Abyat-e-Bahoo\" which are immensely popular not only amongst his spiritual devotees but also amongst the people at large. \"Abyat-e-Bahoo\" are a class by them-selves. Composed of 4 lines, all ending with the word “Hoo\", they have an inimitable approach to love, life and thought; are unique in style, and unrivalled in their rhythm.
The reader cannot but appreciate the masterly touches in these Abyats through which Sultan Bahoo has tried to instill in his readers a sense of oneness with the all-pervading spirit, or God; the necessity for an unqualified submission to God\'s will; and, above all, the need for forsaking everything-all material considerations, in search for truth which, according to Sultan Bahoo, is the sine quo non of all existence.
Now let us quote a few of them rendered in English:
\"The lover (of God) is never free to perform any other job as all of his time passes in the remembrance of God-Almighty. Rest or sleep for him becomes a taboo, for, the name of God remains on his lips always whether it be a day or night. 0\' Bahoo, how fortunate are the people who pursue and know the way which leads to the love of God.\"
\"who can gauge what is in the heart, which is deeper than the deep sea! In it roam the ships, big and small, full of people quarrelling with each other, and the others who steer them to their destinations. There are fourteen corners in e hearts, stretching against each other like the strings of a tented abode, an 0\' Bahoo it is the one who is fully aware of the wealth in his own heart, that can recognise God Almighty\".
It is evident from Sultan Bahoo\'s Abyats that for him two things are of paramount importance in the search for Truth, and in the context of man\'s obligation and duty to his Creator. These are: firstly, a sense of absolute dependence upon God and an unqualified submission to His will; and, secondly, an all-pervading Love for Him and his Creation, in which process man should virtually demolish his own \'Self\' to achieve eternal bliss and well-being and nearness to God.
In his total lack of ego; in his vigorous moral approach to problems of life; in his piety, prayers and mediation; in this unrivalled self-effacement and submission to God\'s will; and above all, in his basically God-fearing attitude to all physical and temporal aspects of existence, Hazrat Sultan Bahoo is verily the \'King of those who understand God\', as indicated by his title \"Sultan-ul-Arifeen\".
Hazrat Sultan Bahoo died after attaining the age of 63 years in the year 1102 A.H. corresponding to the year 1691 AD As such, 300th death anniversary is being commemorated in the year 1991.
(Contributed by the President, Sultan Bahoo Academy).
To commemorate this august occasion, Pakistan Post Office is issuing one commemorative postage stamp of Rs. 7/- denomination on December 22, 1991.