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Friday, August 21, 2009

30 Years of Apwa’s Services 25, Feb, 1979

The stamp symbolically represents the aims and objects of ‘APWA’ i.e. improvement and progress of Pakistan’s women in Economic, Social, Health and Educational sphere.
All Pakistan Women’s Association (APWA), which enjoys a Consultative -Status with the Government of Pakistan, UNICEF and ECOSOC (U.N.) category was founded in February, 1949 by Begum Ra’ana Liaquat All Khan, Nishan-e-Imtiaz, with the following aims and objectives.
1) Informed and intelligent participation of the women of Pakistan, in the growth and development of their country.
2) Advancement and welfare of the Pakistani women, through the impro-vement of their legal, political, social and economic status.
3) Promotion of educational and cultural programmes and policies all over the country.
4) Promotion of the health and well being of the people of Pakistan, in the home arid in the community.
5) Promotion of international goodwill and brotherhood of mankind.
In course of time it has been able to extend the benefits of its services and programmes through a net work of provincial and district branches spread all over the country.
Establishment of industrial homes, mother’s clubs, educational institutions, and a variety of programmes in the field of health, cottage industry and rural reconstruction form the main features of APWA’s activities. There are more than a 100 APWA community centres in the four provinces and permanent rural training-cum-demonstration centres set up with the aid of UNICEF. Pilot project demonstration-centres have been set up using modern scientific methods as well as home making skills.
From its very inception APWA started health services through its various projects and established dispensaries, hospitals and clinics where preventive as well as curative health services are provided and lecture on health arid hygiene are given.
APWA has set up industrial homes in urban as well as rural areas with a view to draw on regional resources for economic betterment. APWA training centres help women to acquire skills according to their abilities and become responsible and earning members of their families.
APWA’s multi-purpose projects have regular tailoring and cutting classes in the industrial homes. The trainees earn while they learn and produce some of the finest traditional stitch crafts and embroidery work which are put on sale at APWA shops are reasonable prices. A large portion of the income derived from such sales is allocated for the destitute-. women’s home.
To mark 30 years of APWA’s services Pakistan Post Office has brought out a commemorative postage stamp of 50 Paisa denomination which in its design portrays a few aspects of the achievements and services of APWA.