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Thursday, August 20, 2009

10th National Scouts Jamboree (International Youth Year) November 8, 1985

Scouting originated in England in 1907, based upon Lord Baden-Powell\'s idea contained in his book "Scouting Boys" which proved to have great appeal for youngsters the world over. While purpose, promise and law of Scouting are universal, its programme is adaptable to needs of the youth where ever they live.
The first World Scouts Jamboree took place in 1920 in London and proved that young people of different nations could meet to share common interests and ideals. Since then there have been 13 world Jamborees at various places.
In Pakistan, Scouting was founded soon after the country came into existence. It has rendered invaluable services in evacuation of marooned people, collection and distribution of clothes and food during floods, provision of First Aid in refugee camps and giving inoculations against Small Pox and Cholera during epidemics in the country.
Pakistan Boy Scouts Association has organized nine Jamborees since 1947 and the 10th Pakistan National Scouts Jamboree is being organized from November 8. to November 15 1985 at Lahore, to celebrate the International Youth Year 1985. The biggest ever youth event is expected to attract 15,000 Boy Scouts from the country and 5000 Boy Scouts from the neighbouring countries of Asia-Pacific and Arab Regions.
At its 34th Session held in December, 1979, the U.N. General Assembly decided to designate 1985 an lnternational Youth year (IYY) with three themes.
i) Participation.
ii) Development
iii) Peace.
For statistical purposes, the United Nations defines persons aged 15 to 24 years as youth. The world youth population which was 738 million in 1975, will number 1180 million by. While the youth population of the more developed regions will increase only by 5 per cent, the same age group in the less developed regions will increase by 80 per cent.
Within a global environment of profoundly disparate social, economic and political conditions, these young people form a community which to a remarkable degree, shares the common ideal of peace and the common commitment to the fulfilment of human needs. It is significant that the International Youth year (IYY) coincides with the 40 Anniversary of the United Nations which was established for the achievement of these goals. The purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter can provide invaluable guidance to today's young people as they prepare to assume leadership in a complex and contentious world.
The official emblem for use in connection with the International Youth Year (IYY), was designed by Lee Kaplan, a young arts student from the United States.
The emblem expresses the idealism and dynamism of youth, mobile and outward reaching, and projects the three themes for the Year: Participation, Development, Peace. Participation is represented by the use of multi profile motif and Development by progressive shading. Peace, a significant pro-requisite for development, is symbolized by the traditional olive branches of the United Nations emblem.
In accordance with the UN decision, Pakistan has also declared 1985 as International Youth Year (IYY) and is planning various measures and activities to be undertaken during the Year.
To commemorate the 10th National Scouts Jamboree and the International Youth Year (IYY), Pakistan Post is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of 60 paisa denomination on November 8, 1985.