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Saturday, July 4, 2009

SSGC Golden Jubilee (1954-2004) (2004-10)

Sui Southern Gas Company limited is celebrating its Golden Jubilee this year (2004). Over the past 50 years, the Company has made momentous progress and has brought the fruits of clean, low-cost and environment-friendly natural gas within the reach of over 1.7 million domestic, commercial and industrial customers all over Sindh and Balochistan. As a result, the Company has emerged as a leading fully integrated utility company that continues to play a major role in fuelling national progress.

Pakistan Post Office is pleased to present a beautifully designed postage stamp to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of Sui Southern Gas Company.

In its Golden Jubilee Year, SSGC is honoured to provide natural gas to the people of Ziarat through the Ziarat Gas Supply project at a cost of Rs. 370 million. This stamp issue brings into focus the Ziarat Juniper Forest, where some trees are over 4,000 years old and are a valuable national heritage. The Company has been making concerted efforts to protect and preserve this wealth. This commemorative stamp underscores the concern that SSGC has for the environment and highlights the steps it is taking to conserve the nation's natural wealth.

SSGC at a Glance

The Sui Southern Gas Company came into existence through merger of three gas companies. The Sui Gas Transmission Company, which was incorporated in 1954 and was engaged in operating a natural gas transmission pipeline from Sui to Karachi, the Karachi Gas Company and Indus Gas Company, which were set up in 1955 to build and operate gas distribution systems in Karachi and Interior Sindh.

Today, half a century of professionalism and progress has made the SSGC one of the largest integrated natural gas transmission and distribution companies in Pakistan, serving the entire Southern region of the country, comprising the provinces of Sindh and Balochistan.

Well-Knit Network

The Company's gas supply infrastructure consists of 2,786 kms of high pressure transmission pipeline, 23,416 kms distribution network covering over 737 towns and villages in Sindh and Balochistan.

Gas Deliveries
SSGC achieved a major milestone by surpassing total gas flow in its system of 1.2 billion cubic feet per day in June 2004.

It has doubled its gas transmission system capacity from 600 MMCFD to 1200 MMCFD at present.

Investing in the Future

SSGC is poised to meet the challenges of the future. Based on strategic investments, it has been aggressively upgrading its distribution and transmission network in line with international standards at a phenomenal pace.

Some highlights of the action plan:

Transmission and distribution system sustainable gas supply will be increased from 1200 MMCFD to 1800 MMCFD by 2007-2008 through expansion in the transmission network by 500 kilometres and extension of gas distribution system by 6400 kilometres.

The infrastructure will be expanded by implementing a core investment program of Rs. 34,533 billion covering major expansion of the transmission and distribution network, to increase customer base by 330,137 over the next five years.

Developing Human Assets

SSGC believes that satisfied employees provide Quality service. SSGC provides satisfaction of its employees and gives them adequate incentives to provide high quality work.
Human Resource Development is one of the top priority areas at SSGC. The company undertakes several initiatives to ensure induction and training of professionals with the objective of ensuring high level of professionalism and productivity of its employees.

Excellence in Financial Performance

SSGC is a Blue Chip Public Limited Company quoted on the stock exchange having AA+ credit rating. The price of SSGC shares increased by 74.6% at KSE by end June 2003. AS a result of the Company's improved performance, its market capitalization had increased from Rs. 6.74 billion in 2001 to Rs. 14.13 billion in 2003. The Company's growth, profitability and efficiency has given great confidence to its shareholders and attracted the attention of investors.

Excellence In Customer Service

The SSGC motto is 'Service with a Smile' and SSGC people strive to provide un-matched and diverse services to customers through innovative and progressive ideas in line with best international practices.

For speedy and efficient handling of customers'complaints, queries and suggestions, SSGC has developed Customer Facilitation Centers in all major towns and large population centres that provide fast and efficient response to customers'queries and complaints.

The Company is also introducing innovative Pre-paid Gas Meters for convenience of customers. Pre-paid meters offer such facilities as advance payment and flexible payment and allow people to manage gas consumption at their own convenience.

Edge in Technology

Quest for excellence and cutting-edge technology has played a key role in SSGC expansion and strength.

Above all, technology brings greater benefits to customers. For example, all SSGC meter reading is now carried out through hand-held computers - saving valuable time and minimizing errors.

SSGC's computerized billing system prints bills through the online network in the entire franchise areas.

Today, SSGC is set to become the most IT enabled Company in the country. Realizing the need for integration of IT into core business processes, the Information Technology Department is rendering strong support to SSGC.

A key initiative of this department is the implementation of the Geographic Information System - a computer-based system that effectively provides forecasting data for further strategy development.

Increasing the efficiency of business processes is another priority area for SSGC. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integrates all departments and functions on to a single computer network.

Maintaining its technological edge, SSGC has signed a comprehensive enterprise agreement, with Microsoft - the only such agreement by a public sector utility company in Pakistan.

Since the pipeline network forms the backbone of SSGC's operations, special steps have been taken towards ensuring maximum efficiency, such as PL Studio simulation software, which accurately simulates the large and complex pipeline network, driving higher performance, efficiency and financial viability of new projects.

Telecommunications plays a vital role in maintaining high operational efficiency at SSGC. Through the advanced microwave digital network, and with video conferencing facility, all SSGC offices and facilities remain connected 24 hours a day.

Promoting Safety

SSGC is committed to the health and safety of its employees and preservation of the environment in its areas of operation.

Its Health & Safety and Environment (HSE) management system ensures that the standards, processes and procedures needed to achieve safe operations are identified, implemented and maintained.

Emergency Response Centers (ERCS)

ERCs are working at six key locations at Karachi and Quetta terminals, Shikarpur, Nawabshah, Dadu and Sibi Head Quarters. These are fully equipped to deal with any emergency situation in case of transmission gas pipeline rupture/fire resulting from sabotage, wars acts and similar activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company has always been committed in its obligation towards community development of the areas where it is operating. These include:

Cooperation with WWF for preservation of Mangroves Forests in the coastal areas of Karachi. SSGC is laying distribution gas pipelines in the village of Kakapir at Sandspit to provide an alternate fuel to reduce the cutting of endangered mangrove trees by the local villagers.

Community centre at Ghari Khairo. The company will support the backward area of Ghari Khairo, by sponsoring social welfare projects for the local community.

SSGC performs its social responsibility function in Ziarat by providing support to save the precious national assets of Juniper forests. The company is laying a gas pipeline to Ziarat which will be completed in June this year. In the mean time, it has provided LPG cylinders and stoves to the residents of Ziarat.

Future Plans

The company recognises immense opportunities for further development of the gas network, in order to meet the increasing demand in various sectors in its franchise areas.

It has developed a five year strategic business development plan, the key components of which are:

· Expansion of transmission and distribution network for enhancement of gas supply to power plants, industries and commercial sector including supply of gas to previously deprived areas in the domestic sector.

· Customer satisfaction, innovation, quality services and promotion of "Service with a smile" culture.

· Consistent appreciation in shareholder's value by increasing the company's asset base and significant improvement in productivity and efficiency.

· Business process re-engineedng (BPR), re-structuring of select departments and implementation of ERP to provide effective M.I.S. for business operations and control.

· Enterprise information system (EIS) and technology implementation in all areas of business to make SSGC a "Most IT enabled Company".

· Human Resource development and empowerment of employees through career planning and management/vocational training.

Community support services and environmental protection initiatives to meet the national and social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen. Date of Issue (July 24, 2004)