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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Visit to Armoured Corps Centre. (2006-2)

Historical Back Ground 1. Armoured Corps is pride of our Army. Its origin dates back to 1764 when the East India Company started raising its own military force. Some cavalry regiments were inherited from the Moghuls, most were raised by the Company itself. These were divided into Regular and Irregular Regiments on the \"Silladar\" system, which implied a man providing his own horse, equipment etc. In 1921 the \"Silladar\" system was abolished, and the regiments were serially numbered. In 1938 came the mechanization of the Armoured Corps and the cavalryman exchanged the horse with a heavy iron muscular machine equipped with gun and armaments called \'tank\'. 13th Lancers was the first regiment to be mechanized. Post Independence Era 2. The post-independence period is one of great struggle and dedicated efforts of all personnel of Armoured Corps. At the time of independence, the share of Pakistan was six Armour regiments only. These were 13th Lancers, Guides Cavalry (FF). 11 Cavalry (FF), 5 Horse, 6 Lancers, and 19 Lancers. Despite this humble start, every individual put in his best to turn these units into a combat worthy force. Brief History of Armoured Corps Centre 3. The Muslim elements of the Indian Armoured Corps Centres at LUCKNOW.BABINA and AHMED NAGAR formed the nucleus of the Pakistan Armoured Corps Training. After collecting a token share of stores, equipment and funds, they moved to Nowshera - Pakistan. The first Commandant of Armoured Corps Centre was Col GM Stroud. Quaid\'s Visit to Armoured Corps Centre 4. The Quaid’s visited the Armoured Corps Centre on 13 April 1948. In his address he acknowledged the difficulties faced by the newly raised establishment which literally had to start from scratch. However, he was pleased to know about the untiring efforts of officers and soldiers of Armoured Corps who made the Centre operational in a short span of time. 5. In his address, the Quaid remarked that the Cavalry had always been the spearhead of the Army. This was no less true in the modern days of mechanization than it was in the day of horses. Cavalry was to have the best officers and men. The Quaid advised the under training recruits to do their best and take the fullest advantage of the opportunities offered at the Centre. He complimented the contribution made by the Centre to the Quaid-e-Azam\'s Relief Fund. Expansion of Armoured Corps 6 Ever since Pakistan won its independence, Armoured Corps has witnessed expansion in all dimensions. Besides increase in its strength, it has made rapid advancement in equipment and gadgetry. By 1971, the number of Armoured Corps regiments had risen to 26. Today, with the grace of Almighty Allah, the number of Armoured Corps regiments has almost doubled. Tanks which served the Corps include Humber Mark IV, Daimler Mark I, Ferret, Stuart M3, Tank Destroyer M-36B 2, M4 Sherman, M24 Chaffee, T-34, T-59, T-59M, M-47, M-48A5, T-6911MP, T-8511AP, TankT-80UD, Al-Zarar and AI-Khalid. Up gradation /Modernization of Tanks 7. Up-gradation and modernization of equipment and weaponry is an ongoing process in the Armoured Corps. Today the Armoured Corps is equipped with state of the art tanks like T-80UD, Al-Zarar and AI-Khalid with latest armour, fire control system and guns. War Performance 8. The combat efficiency of Armoured Corps was proven during Indo-Pak War of Sep 1965 and December 1971. They successfully withstood the hardships of the battlefield and exhibited great feats of valour and determination and won for themselves the title of \"Men of Steel\". 53 gallantry awards including the most coveted Nishan-e-Haider and over 60 Imtiazi Sanads have been awarded to the personnel of the elite Corps. To commemorate the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah\'s Visit to Amoured Corps Centre on 13tn April, 1948, Pakistan Post Office is issuing two Commemorative Postage Stamps of Rs.5/- denomination each design on April 14, 2006.