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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Promotion of Tourism in Pakistan (Lake Series) (2006-6)

Lake Saiful Maluk has a touch of the unreal about it, nestling 3,206 meters high in the shadow of the Malika Parbat (Queen of the mountains - 5,291 m). You can go fishing or boating in the lake and hear the local legend about Prince Saiful Maluk who fell in love with a fairy.
A little short of the place where the Urak Valley begins and 10 kms from Quetta is the Hanna Lake, where benches and pavilions on terraces have been provided. Golden fish in the lake comes swimming right up to the edge of the lake. A little distance away the waters of the lake take on a greenish blue tint. Right where the water ends, pine trees have been planted on the grass filled slopes. The greenish - blue waters of the lake provide a rich contrast to the sandy brown of the hills in the background. One can promenade on the terraces.
Sari is just 3 km from beautiful Tourist Resort.’Shogran” in locals language the word SAR is used for big lake and sari for the smallest. This is a sari (Smallest lake) but remains full with water from March to May and become dry in June it is spectacular place in the Himalaya range and its height is 8900 feet; ft is nice place for camping, one can view Malika Parbat (Queen of the mountains -17500 ft) in the North and Musaka Musailah (14200 ft) in the west.
Payee mean feet. It is base camp for Makia Mountains (spider), 13500 feet above sea level. It is 3 km from Sari and is a beautiful picnic spot in Kaghan valley. One can enjoy spectacular surroundings here and view Musaka Mussallah in the west and Malika Parbat and other beautiful Mountains there is one and half hours treks from Pyee to Makra and after reaching on tOp, one can view Muzaffarabad and Neelam valley. Its height is 10200 feet (Payee).
Dudi Pat Sar is (on way to Babusar’s Pass) 42 km from Naran and 5 km short of Besal. The trek starts leading to Dudi Pat Sar on the north east. It is about 10 km from the main road and takes 3-4 hours. Its height is 11000 feet above sea level. Surrounding mountains remain covered with snow and lake reflects the snow colour, that is why it is called Dudi Pat Sar (Milky Lake). It is good for Trout lovers. There are lot of Yellow Himalayan Marmots are abundance here.
To Promote of Tourism in Pakistan, Four Commemorative Postage Stamps of Rs. 5/- denomination in each design are being issued by Pakistan Post on July 20, 2006.