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Friday, July 3, 2009

Pakistan Air Force - BREAKING THE BARRIERS . (2005-4)

1. The emergence of Pakistan Air Force (PAF) and its evolution to the present status entails annals of heroic deeds, perseverance and devotion. Pakistan Air Force came into existence on 14 August 1947 as Royal Pakistan Air Force, inheriting only few aircraft, maintenance Units and Bases. On its inception, it had little to fly on and even fewer places to fly from. It started of with only sixteen odd Tempest II planes with 220 officers and 2112 airmen. However, its gradual but steady growth in terms of men and material now makes it a distinguished Air Force. Today it is known as the hardest hitting Air Force of its size.
2. PAF Academy Risalpur has the distinction of being the first training Institute visited by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Au Jinnah. Addressing a small band of intrepid airmen on the inauguration of PAF; flying school at Risalpur, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Au Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, gave the clarion call which would forever be enshrined in the creed and culture of the Pakistan Air force.
“A country without a strong air force is at the mercy of any aggressor. Pakistan must build up her air force as quickly as possible. It must be an efficient air force, second to none”.
3. Heading towards indigenous manufacture. the PAF has embarked upon a journey of independently producing Mushshaq and Super Mushshaq aircraft, which are presently being exported to Middle East and other countries as well. Co-production of aircraft in collaboration with China, K-8 (Jet Trainer) has already been inducted in PAF. JF- 17 Thunder is another joint venture with China in the domain of high tech multi role fighter aircraft for the service. This aircraft has already flown its maiden flight in China last year. Moreover, PAF aeronautical engineers have developed and invented sophisticated Avionics gadgetry and weapon systems, which are not only in use in PAF but also being sought by the allied countries.
4. The Pakistan Air Force is a galaxy of professionals, who discharge specialized services in their respective areas, classified as branches. These are: General Duty Pilot GD (P), Engineering, Air Defence, Admin and Special Duties, Education, Meteorology, Information Technology, Legal and Accounts. Medical officers are seconded to the PAF from Pak Army.
5. PAF bases are located all along the frontiers of Pakistan in such a way that PAF is able to immediately respond to any escalating peace or war time situation. Major operational bases are located at Rafiqui (Shorkot), Masroor (Karachi), Samungli (Quetta), Minhas (Kamra), Peshawar and PAF Base Mushaf (Sargodha), in the name of ACM Mushaf Ali Mir, Shaheed. Over the years, the PAF has developed an array of training facilities. Notable among these are PAF Academy, Risalpur; PAF Air War College; Combat Commanders’ School; Air Defence Training School; Air Defence System School; Transport Conversion School; Helicopter Training School; Para Training School; Survival Training School; School of Intelligence; Pre-trade Training School; Administrative Trade Training School and School of logistics; (Kohat), School of Aeronautics and School of Electronics (Korangi). PAF has a tradition of training Officers! Cadets & Airmen from other countries across the globe, particularly from the States of Africa and Asia (particularly Middle East).
6. The PAF emblem symbolizes a Muslim flyer. The most striking element is the spread eagle perched in the centre of the roundel. Referred to as “Shaheen” the eagle is a bird of heraldry in eastern tradition .The poet-philosopher of the east, Allama Iqbal, has visualized a true believer in the grace and majesty of the bird Shaheen. A man imbued with the love and devotion of his Maker (Allah) would, in the spirit of the bird eagle, be capable of high flight and supremacy over the enemy: In the emblem, there is a verse line from Iqbal’s poetry over the bird “Shaheen”. Translated into English, it would read ‘Be it land or sea, all is beneath my wings”. In the same spirit, PAF is honour-bound to play its crucial role in the defence of Pakistan.
7. PAF is self-sufficient as far as the maintenance and manpower training is concerned. All air and ground crew training is conducted indigenously. For specialization in technical fields and professional familiarization, PAF personnel also undertake regular visits to friendly air forces. Today, PAF stands as one of the best air forces of the world because it strongly relies on “Excellence through Training” and for the same reason, PAF has trained officers and airmen of approximately 42 friendly countries of the world.
8. There is no doubt that the personnel of the Pakistan Air Force march in tandem with the latest technological developments and live up to the most strenuous standards of modern air forces. Different branches, in harmony with each other, have made possible the Quaid’s dream of PAF becoming “second to none.” The great responsibility to defend the borders of the country has very rightfully been bestowed upon these men who, over the years, have ensured that no enemy is daring enough to enter the frontiers of Pakistan and believe that “no border is too far to defend”.
(Courtesy: Air Head Quarter Peshawar,)On the Occasion of Pakistan Day, Pakistan Post Office is issuing four Commemorative Postage Stamps of Rs.5/- denomination each design on March 23, 2005.