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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pakistan Academy of Sciences.(2003-2)

On completion of 50 years of its existence, the Pakistan Academy of Sciences is planning to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. The Academy is a Non-Governmental and Non-Political supreme scientific body of distinguished scientists in the country. The Government of Pakistan has given consultative and advisory status to the Academy "on all problems relating to the development of scientific efforts in the country" and "generally on such matters of national and international importance in the field of science and Technology as may be referred to the Academy".
It is generally recognized that any progressive country, which aspires to occupy a befitting place in the comity of nations, encourages the establishment of a supreme scientific organization, usually designated as the "Academy of Sciences" devoted to the promotion of science and its applications for the general welfare of humanity. While these organizations may not carry out actual laboratory researches they do provide a forum for the advancement of scientific research, popularization of science, motivation of scientists and technologists, as well as studies on new areas of Science and Technology.
The idea of establishing Pakistan Academy of Sciences was mooted in November 1947, soon after the creation of Pakistan, at the first National Educational Conference held at Karachi. Subsequently nine senior and eminent scientists were elected as Foundation Fellows of the proposed Academy. One of the Foundation Fellows, Dr. M. Raziuddin Siddiqi, drafted the constitution of the Academy, which was approved. The Pakistan Academy of Sciences was formally inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Khawaja Nazimuddin and established on 16th February 1953 at Lahore. The Academy has been the most coveted platform of Pakistan's such renowned scientists and academicians as Prof.
Dr. Salimuzzaman Siddiqui, Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam, Dr. M. Raziuddin Siddiqi, and others. Proud of being served by such a rare galaxy of Literati, PAS thus has ample justification of being the sole claimant of the country's true representative scientific body.
As utmost importance is attached to the membership of such an Academy, only scientists of the highest merit' who have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of scientific knowledge, are elected its Fellows. The Academy is regarded by the public and the government as a repository of the highest scientific talent available in the country, and is generally supported and constituted in all matters relating to scientific education, research and development. The Academy, located at 3-Constitution Avenue, lslamabad, is governed by a 17 member Council that includes Dr. A. Q. Khan, N.I and Bar, H.I. the world renowned nuclear scientist, as its President, two Vice Presidents, Secretary General, Associate Secretary General and Treasurar. At present there are 72 Fellows, 19 Foreign Fellows and 11 members of the Academy, who have been elected by the General Body. The Academy has local Chapters at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and lslamabad/Rawalpindi, which hold regular meetings and seminars on important scientific topics. Further details about the Academy can be obtained by visiting its Website, and, in its year Book. The affairs of the Academy are regulated by its Charter and Bye-laws approved by the Fellows.
As part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the Academy plans to arrange an exhibition entitled "Science in Pakistan". Various Prestigious Scientific Organizations will set up their stalls on the premises of the Academy and display their exhibits. The Fellows of the Academy will give lectures highlighting scientific contributions. The proceedings of the Pakistan Academy of Sciences, the official science journal of Academy, will publish its Golden Jubilee number/supplement. It is expected that several overseas scientists will participate in the celebrations. Date of Issue (February 15, 2003)