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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Men of letters Prof. A.B.A. Haleem Ist. Vice Chancellor of Karachi University. (2003-5)

Prof. A.B. Ahmed Haleem started his career from Muslim University, Aligarh, where he was appointed as a Professor in the Department of History & Political Science in 1923. His devotion to his profession won him the post of the Chairman in the same department. From 1935-1944 he acted as a Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh University. During this period, he presided over the Education Section of the All India Muslim Educational Conference Session held at Poona in 1940. In 1942 he was appointed Chairman of the Inter-University Board of undivided India. He remained in this position for one year, and then from 1944-1945 he held the post of Secretary & Member of All India Muslim League Planning Committee. The year 1944 was important in his career as it marked his entry into politics. It was the same year when he presided over the Islamic History & Culture Section of the All India Muslim Educational Conference Session held at Nagpur. After becoming a member of All India Muslim League Education Committee, he was appointed Chairman of Higher Education Sub-Committee.As he had already entered into politics by joining the All India Muslim League, his political career was further strengthened when he became the member of Central Consumer's Council, set up by the Govt. of undivided India during World War II. He also worked as a corresponding member of the Indian Historical Records Commission for some time.When the World War II came to an end in 1945, he became the President of the U.P. Muslim Students' Federation. He was a member of Different councils at the same time. He was a member of the Council of the U.P. Muslim League from 1944-47, while member of the Council of the All India Muslim League from 1943- 1948. His sincerity and devotion won him respect and he emerged victorious in every field-educational as well as political.After the Independence of Pakistan in 1947, he received the honour of being appointed the First Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sindh. He held this position for four years i.e. from 1947-1951, after which he was appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi in 1951. He was therefore, not only the First Vice-Chancellor of Sindh University but also the First Vice-Chancellor of the University of Karachi, where he acted as Vice-Chancellor for six years.During his role as Vice-Chancellor, he also acted twice as Chairman of Inter-University Board of Pakistan, first in 1950 and then in 1953. He also had the honour of presiding over the general session of the All Pakistan Educational Conference in 1956.The services rendered by him are almost uncountable. He also worked as the Chairman of World University Service, National Committee for Pakistan from 1948-1957. The Govt. of Pakistan acknowledged his hard work and appointed him Chairman of the Commission for Eradication of Social Evils in 1962. He held this post for one year and in 1965 he became the member of the Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology set up by the Govt. of Pakistan. Although it is not a complete account of the services he rendered, it throws light on the multiple roles, he played in the field of education and politics.Prof. A.B.A. Haleem died on 20th April, 1975. It wouldn't be wrong to say that he was one of those intellectuals the country will always be proud of. He was one of those people who, wherever they go and whatever they do, leave an indelible print on the pages of history. Date of Issue (April 20, 2003)