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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Medicinal Plants Of Pakistan (SERIES) ROSA DAMASCENA MILL. (ROSE, GUL-E-SURKH) (2003-7)

Pakistan is rich in medicinal and aromatic plants which are used as natural health care products in Traditional Systems of medicine prevalent in Pakistan. Medicinal Plants are growing bundle in the wild in Hazara, Malakand, Kurrum Agency, Murree Hills, Azad Kashmir, Northern Areas, Sindh and Baluchistan, or are cultivated on farmlands in the Punjab, Sindh, NWFP, Baluchistan and Azad Kashmir. As some words instaneously suggest beauty because they are associated with things that afford pleasure and delight, the word "Rose" is one of them. Medicinal Flowers of Pakistan are among the loveliest creation of the Nature and among them Rose is the Queen. Its botanical name is Rosa damascena Mill, belonging to family Rosaceae. Red Rose is an erect shrub cultivated in gardens as well as in the cities of Pakistan usually raised from cutting. Flowering season is January - July. The flowers appear in clusters of five or ten. The flowers colour is ruby-red due to which it is commonly known as "Gul-e-Surkh"
Muslim scholars conducted research on a large number of flowers and penned down their observations in manuscripts for the rapeutical purposes. Al-Biruni has mentioned a number of rose varieties in his book "Kitab al-Saydana", where Jawri variety is used in perfumes. According to lbn Sina the rose flowers are used as antipyretic, cardio-tonic and good for brain. In modern therapy, the rose water is beneficial for eyes. In Unani medicine, Rose buds are more astringent than the full bloom flowers and considered as cold and dry, cephalic, cardiac tonic, aperient and useful for relieving biliousness. Rose Petals with equal amount of sugar in traditional preparation called "Gulqand" is much used as tonic to increase body weight. A rose water compress can ease sign of stress in the face by relieving headaches, eye strain and inflammation. Date of Issue (July 14, 2003)