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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Declaration of the year 2004 as the "Year of Child Right". (2004-18)

Creating a better future for mankind is the utmost desire of every individual, institution, and Government. The most convenient way inter-alia, to achieve his goal is proper upbringing of the child because the child is father of man. If the child is brought up care- fully and properly the coming generation will be an ideal generation, capable to live safely, happily & peacefully. The child is like the seed, if the seed is not cared the chances and hope for a better fruit is a dream.

The children are so dear to God that our prophet (PBUH) said "God will allow paradise to many a parents on account of their children. Every religion has emphasized kindness towards children. Jesus Christ has said "only those persons will go to paradise with me who are innocent like children". According to a Buddhist Mystic there is no difference between a child and a sage. The sage is not higher and the child is not lower. The only difference is, the child knows not what he is - and the sage knows it.

The children deserve great care, love and respect because they are innocent, like a gift from the God, like a guest who have nestled into the house of their parents who have chosen them as their nest.

But our treatment with the children is such that some are put to hard labor by their less educated and poor parents and some are crushed by their educated and well off parents in their desire to make them a successful man, a rich person, a Doctor/Engineer without caring for his ideas, his happiness, his age, his play & leisure and his freedom in order to fulifill their, unfulfilled egos through them.

Since the child is helpless, depend upon parents, cannot escape, can not protect himself and absolutely vulnerable, therefore, he bears all these hard ships like a slave. Now as psychological insight has deepened in to the human mind it has become clear that child is the most exploited person and he is mostly being exploited by his own parents unconsciously behind a facade of love. The main cause of neurosis, depression, violence and social and political unrest, according to physiological investigation is denial of these fundamental rights of children.

Realizing this situation the Government of Poland submitted a convention on rights of children to United Nations in 1978 and in 1989 it was adopted by the General Assembly.

This convention is a United Nations agreement that spells out the range of rights that children everywhere are entitled to. Though it contains 54 articles four broad categories of these rights however, is given below:

Survival rights include such things as adequate living standards and access to medical service.

Development rights include education, access to Information, play and leisure, cultural activities and the right to freedom of thoughts, conscience and religion.

Whereas protection embraces all of the above, but also covers the forms of exploitation and cruelty, arbitrary separation from family, and abuses in the criminal justice system.

Participation rights include the freedom to express opinions and to have a say in matters affecting one's own life, as well as the right to play an active role in society.

Pakistan ratified the UN convention on the rights of children, in 1990 and under obligation to implement its provision to ensure availability of above rights to the children in Pakistan. In this regard President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf launched the national campaign "Say yes to Child Rights Movements in Pakistan" by signing a pledge on 20th November-2003 during celebration of Universal Children's Day in lslamabad. In pursuance of this, National Commission for Child Welfare and development (NCCWD) under the aegis of Ministry of Social Welafre and Special Education moved a summary for the Federal Cabinet recommending observance of the year 2004 as the "Year of Child Rights" to create massive awareness among the masses including children.

Accordingly, the Federal Cabinet in its meeting held on I1th February, 2004 declared the year 2004 as the "Year of Child Welfare and rights" Date of Issue (November 20, 2004)