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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chashma Nuclear Power Plant. (2001-3)

The "Chashrna Nuclear Power Plant" has been designed and built in collaboration with People's Republic of China, and is being operated and maintained by Pakistani scientists and engineers, delivering full power of 300 Mew to the national grid since September 15th 2000. With the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant also operational since 1971, Pakistan is the only country in the Muslim World operating nuclear power plants. Nuclear power is safe, economical and environment-friendly. Further it is an essential ingredient and stabilizing factor in our energy options. Due to emission of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel plants and is resultant effect towards global warming, there is a growing consensus in the developed countries for the revival of the nuclear power industry. With worldwide reserves of fossil energy resources approaching their limits it is essential for Pakistan to pursue a sustainable programme for development of self-reliance in energy production.

2. The Chashma Nuclear Power Plant is pressurized water reactor (PWR) type. It is located near Chashma Barrage on the left bank of River Indus, 32 Kms South of Mainwali City, 280 Kms South West of Islamabad and 1160 Kms North East of Karachi. The plant site has been thoroughly investigated and found suitable in accordance with international standards by domestic as well as international experts. Seismic aspect has also been reviewed by IAEA who found the site suitable for construction of nuclear power plant.

3. Pakistan's second nuclear power plant is being inaugurated by the Chief Executive of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf on March 29th 2001. Date of Issue (March 29, 2001)