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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

50th Anniversary of Pak-China Friendship. (2001-5)

1) Pakistan has an enduring, multi-dimensional and deep-rooted relationship with China. The long-standing ties of friendship between the two countries are underpinned by mutual trust and confidence. A close identity of views and mutuality of interest remain the hallmark of bilateral ties.

2) Pakistan has always supported China on all issues of importance to the latter, especially those related to the question of China's sovereignty e.g. Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet and other sensitive issues such as human rights. The Chinese leadership has always appreciated Pakistan's steadfast support on issues of their concern. They are also generous in acknowledging the significant role of Pakistan in the early 70s, which enabled China to break its isolation from the West and the US.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Pak-China Friendship (Diplomatic Relations):

3) Diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China were established on 21 May, 1951. The 50th Anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations this year is an occasion of great significance both in historic terms as well as for a strong public manifestation of the durability and the strength of Pak-China relations.

4) A series of high level exchanges, hallmark of which is Premier Zhu Rongji's visit to Pakistan on 11-14 May, 2001 and President of Pakistan's visit to China later this year as part of the commemorative events for the golden jubilee celebrations. In addition, high profile cultural and business activities would be undertaken, including Pakistan's participation in the Beijing International Trade Fair in April 2001, civil awards for Chinese nationals in recognition of their contribution to Pak-China friendship and cooperation in various fields issuance of first day covers/commemorative stamps to mark the occasion.

5) To mark the 50th Anniversary of Pak-China Friendship, Pakistan Post Office is issuing a set of 3 commemorative postage stamps on May 12, 2001.

6) As a part of Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Pakistan and China, Pakistan Post Office will be issuing First Day of Issue covers with the stamps of the 2 respective countries duly pasted.

7) Pakistan and China will further be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Pak-China friendship by releasing First Day of Issue Covers simultaneously at Beijing and Islamabad on May 21. Special ceremonies will be held in the respective capitals to mark the release of First Day of Issue Covers containing postage stamps of the respective countries on both the First Day Covers duly defaced with special postmarks of 21 May, 2001.

A brief about the renowned Chinese painter, Professor Yao Youduo and his famous paintings titled, "TWO PAKISTANI WOMEN DRAWING WATER" and "MA GU'S BIRTHDAY OFFERING"

8) The two paintings of the renowned Chinese national painter are reproduced in se tenant format. He is universally known as an artist of humanity and poetic beauty.

9) Professor Yao Youduo is head of the second studio of Chinese Painting Department at Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing China.

10) Professor Yao is a master of the Eastern tradition and he uses the brush with great skill to create line drawings, shading, perspective, texture color and a unified composition. The artist has a special feeling for Minority Peoples of China, and many of these women and Children are from the Dai nationality.

11) There is one beautiful and powerful painting of two "Pakistani Village Women" drawing water from the stream. They are strikingly beautiful, strong, and confident. Yet shy and suspicious of being observed. The composition is Chinese but the feel is oriental. Only a genius could capture these emotions

12) Professor Kayama Matazo of Tokyo University of Fine Arts has hailed Yao as the "Contemporary master painter and a rising star of Chinese Painting".

13) Pakistan Post takes great pride in reproduction of his majestic paintings. Date of Issue (May 12, 2001)