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Friday, July 17, 2009

50 Years of Philately In Pakistan

Twelve years after the first stamp was produced in the World in 1840, the area of Sindh acquired a distinction by the Scinde Dawk being issued for distribution in the Province. This was the First Asian Stamp prepared by Sir Bartle Frere, the then Commissioner of Sindh from 1850 to 1859. At that time there were Post Offices at Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur and Shikarpur only in the Sindh Province.
The First Historic Stamps of Pakistan were issued in July 1948. Their denominations were 1 1/2A, 2 1/2A, 3A and Re 1. The Re. 1 stamp which represented \'PAKISTAN\' was designed by the famous National artist Abdul Rehman Chughtai. This stamp was one of the 10 best designs of 1948. The 1 1/2 A, depicting the Constituent Assembly represented the Govt, the 2 1/2As depicting the Star Gate, of Karachi Airport, represented the doorway of Pakistan, and the 3A depicting the Gateway of Lahore Fort represented the Islamic/historic background.
The text shown on all the four stamps, reading \"15 AUGUST 1947\" is not a mistake as presumed by some, in fact it represents the formation of Pakistan Government which took place on 15th August, 1947.
The period from 14th August, 1947 to 1948 was also dominated by Indian postage stamps, which were overprinted or hand-stamped \"Pakistan\" after independence. This is a separate chapter on its own, which has been researched by the leading Philatelists of Pakistan, both at home and abroad.
Philatelic exhibitions are the major ingredient for promotion of philately and play a vital role in boosting the hobby among general public, Stamp exhibitions have been held since 1956.
The 1961 Stamp Exhibition at Lahore was commemorated by issuance of a stamp of 8As. Over printed with inscription and the logo of the organizers (Pakistan Philatelic Association). In 1963 an overprinted stamp of 2As was issued on the occasion of International Dacca Exhibition.
The first international stamp exhibition organised by Stamp Society of Pakistan was held at Karachi in 1964, where 24 countries including the United Nations took part. Numerous local exhibitions took place throughout the five decades. Some Regional and National exhibitions like \"RCDPEX- 1976\" at Karachi. \"PAK PHILEX 1983\" at Lahore. \"EGO PHILEX -1986\" at Islamabad and\" NEPEX 1990\" at Quetta were organised by Pakistan Post Office. PAK PHILEX 1983, ECOPHILEX 1986 have been marked by issuance of beautiful stamps.
Equally important role is played by local philatelic societies and though the number of philatelists in Pakistan is not great, there is at least one major philatelic society or club in a large number of cities.
The chapter of \"50 Years of Philately in Pakistan\", cannot be considered complete if the names of pioneers are not mentioned Individual efforts laid brick by brick to erect a strong whose work on \'PAKISTAN OVERPRINTS 1947-58 by untiring efforts by Gol. D.R. Martin in which the contribution of number of Pakistani Philatelists viz. M/s. Sharif Qureshi, Fazal Qadir, Asghar M. Quettawala and Agha Faqir Hussain Zahid were acknowledged. The Nawabs of Bahawalpur State Sir Sadiq Muhammad Abbasi and the Brig. H.H. Abbasi, Sh. Nizamuddin, Syed Reza Rizvi, Mr. Hansotia, Mr. Sethna, J.M. Fernandes, Fida Ali Lookmanjee, Dr. Peshoton S. Dubash and Mr. J. Dinshwan were pioneers of Philately in Pakistan.
Philately first registered on public mind when in 1955, the TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF UNITED NATIONS, 1 1/2 and 12A opt stamps were issued in a limited quantity which attract the philatelists.
The Pakistan Post Office has fostered philately by producing stamps of great appeal. It has successful catered for every popular theme of the world. Hence Pakistani stamps may be found in collections throughout the World.
Philately is not only concerned with the hobby of accumulating a collection of stamps and covers but it is in fact a \"treasure box\" of historic facts and events recorded through stamps and their usage.
The National Philatelic Exhibition which is going to be held from 4-7 October 1998 is being marked by the issuance of a commemorative postage stamp \"50 YEARS OF PHILATELY IN PAKISTAN\" of denomination of Rs. 6/- is organized under the patronage of recently framed PHILATELIC FEDERATION OF PAKISTAN.