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Friday, July 17, 2009

100 Years Of Shell In Pakistan. 1999-16)

The energy sector is of vital significance to a developing country like Pakistan as both agriculture and industry are highly dependent on energy to fuel growth. Moreover, with a rapidly increasing population, greater urbanization and high rates of economic growth, energy demand seems set to rise by 6-8 percent a year.
As one of the largest investors in the energy sector Shell plays a vital role in the country’s economic uplift by enhancing the quality of products and services as well as improving the distribution infrastructure. Shell also plays a role in the exploration for oil and gas which helps reduce dependence on imports.
Shell has a strong brand name with a 100-year history in this region. In 1899, the Company began by importing kerosene from Azerbaijan probably as a fuel for lamps - in fact the Company is still in possession of a fuel storage tank from that period.
In 1928, from Asiatic Petroleum, the name of the Company changed to the Burmah Shell Oil Storage and Distribution Company of India when the marketing interests of the Royal Dutch Shell Group and the Burmah Oil Company in India merged.
After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, the name was changed to the Burmah Shell Oil Distribution Company of Pakistan. In 1970 Burmah Shell divested 51 percent to the public and became a listed company renamed Pakistan Burmah Shell (PBS), with Burmah Oil and Shell retaining 24.5 percent stakes each.
Finally, in early 1993, Shell acquired Burmah Oil’s holdings along with an additional 2 percent purchased in the market to obtain majority share-holding of the company which was renamed Shell Pakistan Limited (SPL) a partnership between Pakistani and foreign investors.
But the story does not end here. As an energy company committed to sustainable development, Shell has been active in both upstream (exploration) and downstream projects (refining, blending, distribution and marketing) to contribute to fulfilling Pakistan’s energy requirements.
To this end the Royal Dutch Shell Group has interests in three other companies in Pakistan; 100 percent share-holding of Shell Development and Offshore Pakistan B.V, 67 percent stake in Burshane (Pakistan) Limited and 30 percent stake in Pakistan Refinery Limited.
With annual sales approaching US $ 1 billion, Shell Pakistan is one of the leading private sector companies in Pakistan. The Company has achieved rapid growth in recent years through a vigorous capital investment programme and by ensuring international standards of service and product quality.
However investment is not limited to infrastructure alone - Shell Pakistan prides itself on its investment in people; not merely through job creation but also through training and the build up of experience and skills. This commitment covers the whole spectrum of our people, whether we are developing the business leaders of tomorrow or teaching our pump attendants basic literacy. Shell Pakistan provides employment directly or indirectly to over 12,000 persons in Pakistan.
SPL is one of the highest corporate tax payers having paid Rs. 1.5 billion to the exchequer and collected Rs 87 billion in government duties during 1993-1999 alone. Sales volumes and profitability continue to grow with the Company announcing a record divided of 125 percent for the year 1998/1999.
As a major oil marketer, Shell currently holds about 22 percent share of the hydro-carbon business in Pakistan. In addition to its products, the Company is supplying value added services in long term relationships to industries and businesses including cement, sugar, textiles, airlines, railways, ports, road transport, construction etc.
The retail network of over 1100 petrol pumps is the flag bearer of the business. Shell sells a range of products including Motor Gasoline, High Speed Diesel and lubricants from its Retail Sites built to the highest international standards. Shell has demonstrated market leadership by providing the best to its customers in terms of physical facilities and customer value propositions which others strive to emulate.
Shell takes pride in being a responsible corporate citizen having contributed over Rs. 30 million to the Pakistani community through its social investment programme during the past 6 years.
Through this programme Shelf has had and continues to maintain relationships with a number of non-governmental organisations working in the areas of community welfare, health, education, heritage and the environment.
After all Shelf sees its role as not just that of a commercial operator, but as part of the community and society of which it is an integral part. The aspirations of the people of Pakistan are Shell’s aspirations as well and it will continue helping those people build a better world.
Shell is working hard toward the economic development of the country by participating in and actively advocating Pakistan’s investment possibilities at home and overseas. In this regard it has invested heavily and consistently in the region for over a hundred. Shell has been active at all economic forums including the Overseas Chamber of Commerce and Industry of which it was the Chairman and has worked closely with the government in formulating and advising on policy.
It has received several awards for high performance including the Top Companies Award presented by The Karachi Stock Exchange in 1997, 1994 and 1993. Shell’s commitment to the country’s economic and social development remains unequivocal and it hopes to see a prosperous Pakistan moving ever faster on the road of development.
To commemorate the occasion Pakistan Post Office is issuing a commemorative postage stamp of Rs 4 denomination on November 15,1999.