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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On The Occasion Of New Vision Of PAKISTAN POST. (2007-5)

Pakistan Post is a state enterprise dedicated to provide wide range of Postal products and services to the public. Being the premier national postal communication service it holds together a vast country with a large population.Serving the nation since its inception, advancing and applying technology at every stage, Pakistan Post has risen to be one of the most efficient postal administrations in South Asia through the sheer hard work of its rank and record.By land, sea and air, Pakistan Post has made its way successfully across the country. Not only has Pakistan Post moved the mail, but with foresight and innovation, it has served the nation by providing basic services like, Savings Bank, Postal Life Insurance, collection ~f utility bills, receipt of provincial taxes, disbursement of pension, etc. as agency function to the people.With “connection” as its mantra, Pakistan Post has worked to unite businesses, the government and individuals in a way that benefits all.Pakistan Post is Currently evolving as it enters into a New Era of quality, excellence and tangible associations. There is an impending change within the organization. Alongside this change, it is necessary to evolve the corporate identity as well. This would not only promote, but also reinforce the positive steps being implemented throughout the organization.New EraPreviously Pakistan Post was known by many different names e.g. Post Office, GPO, PPO, etc. With the new and distinct brand identity, we will be projected as one organization i.e. PAKISTAN POST.With this identity, Pakistan Post will write a new chapter of progress, dynamism and customer care in its history. The launch of a new identity is not about simply following a commercial trend, but overhauling the entire system of the organization ranging from changing mindsets, introducing innovative corporate business practices to launching new services. It is making a transformation of sorts. The new identity will convey to the market at large that there has been a transformation at Pakistan Post that is much more than merely changing the logo. It’s the start of a new era of efficient service, innovative product range and customer friendly approach.Rationale of New Corporate IdentityThe new logo consists of two elements:1. The motif.a. The graphical representation of a connection being made.b. It depicts the concept of bringing people closer as the tagline suggests “Sab Faslay Mitaey”. It is about eliminating all distances and making tangible connections through Postal communication.c. The two interlocking spirals represent; distances being covered and a connection being made at one point — and Pakistan Post is that point, making connections possible across the country.d. The motif is also designed keeping in mind the modern trends of using a soft graphical element to represent movement yet converging at a single focal point — PakistanColors of the Logo The Red color2. The specially designed word mark, which is the brand namea. Designed to compliment the motif, the word mark gives Pakistan Post a strong brand identity highlighting the word POST. Overall, typography lends it a modern look.Colors of the Logo The Red Colori. Red color always attracts attention making the logo more noticeable even in smaller sizes such as on stamps, etc. Its highest visibility among all other colors benefits the corporate branding exhibited in the shape of fascias, signage, outdoor, etc. by making it more striking and noticeable from large distances.ii. It creates a link with the corporate color used previously so as to create a good brand recall.The Mustard colori. Mustard color lends depth and warmth to the motif representing a human touch in it. It is also a soft and optimistic color.To the Occasion of New Vision of Pakistan Post Commemorative Postage Stamp of Rs. 4/- denomination, issued by Pakistan Post on June 7, 2007. TERMS OF SALEThe Commemorative Postage stamps will be available for sale from June 7, 2007 at all important Post Offices in the country.Overseas orders for Stamps, First Day of Issue Covers and Leaflets should be addressed to the Manager, Philatelic Bureau Karachi GPO or Manager, National Philatelic Bureau, Islamabad GPO, accompanied by a Bank Draft or Crossed Cheque encashable in Pakistan.