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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fruits of Pakistan Depicting "Mango" . (2002-5)

Mango is the fruit par excellence of Subcontinent. Mango (Mangifera indica) belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. It has had a prominent position among the commercial fruits of Pakistan. Mango varieties have been known for attractive colours, savouring smell, delightful taste and high nutritive value. Mango fruits contain 10-20% sugar, an important source of vitamin A and C and contain vitamin B. Small amount of protein, Iron, Calcium and Phosphorus are also present. Ripe fruits are mainly eaten fresh, but are also utilized in preparing squashes, jams and other preserves. Young and unripe fruits are used in pickles.
Pakistan is an important mango growing country in the world. The soil and climatic conditions of Pakistan are highly suitable for mango cultivation. According to FAO production year book of 2001, Pakistan stands FIFTH among mango growing countries of the World.
Mango enjoys second position after citrus in Pakistan. It is grown in the province of Punjab over an area of 48413 hectares out of 94121 hectares in the country (MINFAL 99- 2000). Most of the remaining acreage is planted in Sindh. At present, (1999-2000) the total annual production of fruits in Pakistan is 58,46,342 tons. Even if all of this production reaches to the consumers, per head per day availability of fruit is meagre 114 grams. Fresh and processed fruits and vegetables export make up less than 1 percent of Pakistan's total export. That is a matter of concern when the need for diversification of export is badly felt.
The mango from Pakistan is well known for its taste and quality abroad. More than 53,000 tons of mango is exported to neighbouring and European countries, i.e. Afghanistan, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, France, Malayasia and Singapore etc. fetching foreign exchange. Langra, Dusehri, Samar Behisht, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratol are important varieties grown in Punjab. Sindhri, Bagan Pali, Suwarneka, Neelum and Gulab Khas are leading ones from Sindh.
Pakistan exported fruit worth $ 78.71 millions in 2000- 2001, despite the continuous neglect of fruit tree management. This amount of foreign exchange can be doubled with proper care and management of orchards. To improve the production, there are two ways, either by doubling the area under the fruit crops which is impossible, or by increasing the production per hectare. Per hectare production can only be increased if we know the proper management of trees. Unfortunately the mango crop has not been paid deserved attention. Date of Issue (June 18, 2002)